Time To Change Your Fire Bricks, Firebacks or Refactory Bricks?

firebrickIt’s getting cold outside, heck it IS cold outside! Time to do yearly maintenece on your wood stove or pellet stove. Are the firebricks for your Whitfield, Breckwell, Lennox, Blaze King, Buck or Earth Stove worn out? We’ve got the replacement bricks for your stove.

CLICK HERE to find your pellet and wood stove replacement bricks!

Pellet Stove and wood stove firebacks or refractory bricks should be replaced every few years to ensure proper operation of your pellet stove.
We carry Firebricks for most major brands including Whitfield Advantage, Quest and Prodigy. Breckwell Pellet Stove Firebacks are also available.

One thought on “Time To Change Your Fire Bricks, Firebacks or Refactory Bricks?

  1. I have a Marco fireplace with refactory bricks that are cracking. $ removeable panels, will your’s work in my fireplace?

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