Whitfield Pellet Stove Basic Troubleshooting

Here’s a few basic steps to help you trouble shoot your Whitfield Pellet Stove.

1 – Fire burns with a lazy orange flame. Pellets build up in the UltraGrate and the window gets sooted up.

REASON #1 There is insufficient combustion air

  • Remove any clinkers or ash from the bottom of the UltraGrate that might be obstructing the primary air holes.
  • Change to a better grade of fuel if necessary.
  • Check that the damper has been opened enough for the amount of fuel feed.
  • Check that the heat exchange tubes are not coated with ash.
  • Check ash build up behind the side firebricks.  Clean if necessary.
  • Check gasket seal around the door. Use a thin strip of paper, 1 in. wide. Open the door and close it on the paper strip. A slight friction should be felt when the paper strip is pulled. Repeat this process at various locations around the door gasket. Replace the door gasket if necessary.
  • Check for blockage in the air inlet tube, exhaust pipe and termination. Clean as necessary.
  • Have your authorized Lennox Hearth Products dealer check your combustion blower.

REASON #2 Fuel Rate is too high.

  • Have your authorized Lennox Hearth Products dealer adjust the fuel feed rate on the control board.

2 – Fire goes out or stove shuts down automatically

REASON #1 Stove has run out of fuel.

  • Refill hopper.

REASON #2 Pellets are not feeding

  •  See pellets will not feed below

REASON #3 The high limit temperature switch has tripped.

  • Allow stove to cool for 1 hour and re-light. If the stove has been operating at a medium to high burn rate and the Room Air Blower has been turned down low then the Exhaust Blower should be turned up higher. If this problem persists (particularly at lower burn rates) then the high limit disc should be replaced by your authorized dealer.

REASON #4 There is too much combustion air for the amount of fuel.

  • Adjust the damper to reduce combustion air flow.
  • Check that the ash pan is latched in the correct position and check the gasket seal around the ash pan  door in the same manner as above.  Replace the ash pan door gasket if necessary.

REASON #5 The fuel feed rate is too low.

  • Relight stove with a higher setting on fuel control (it may not be possible to operate the stove on the minimum setting due to the wide range of fuel feed rates with different pellets. The fuel feed rate trim can be adjusted to compensate for variations in fuel (call your authorized Lennox Hearth Products dealer adjust the fuel control).

REASON #6 Low Limit disc is not locked in.

  • Insufficient heat is reaching the  low limit disc (improper damper adjustment or lack of maintenance may cause) or disc is defective.

3 – Stove runs for 30 minutes then shuts down or stove shuts down when operated at lower feed rate settings.

REASON #1 The exhaust gas is not up to temperature.

  • Press start button and re-light stove if necessary.

REASON #2 The low limit disc is not operating correctly (stuck in open position)

  • Replace the low limit disc.

REASON #3 The wires to the low limit disc (on exhaust blower housing) are loose or disconnected.

  • Check wires and connections.  Make sure there are good connections between all wires and their terminals.

4 – Pellets will not feed.

REASON #1 The hopper is empty.

  • Refill hopper.

REASON #2 The auger motor or circuit board, air inlet high limit witch or pressure switch may be defective. The pressure switch tap or hose may be blocked.

  • Check to be sure that there is no blockage in the pressure tap or hose. Have your authorized Lennox Hearth Products dealer diagnose the problem and clean or replace any necessary parts.

REASON #3 Back pressure in venting tripping pressure switch.

  • If new installation check for excessive 90degree bends, long horizontal runs or excessive vertical run of 3″ pipe. Possibly change to 4″ pipe. If older installation check for excessive ash accumulation in pipe or other obstructions. Clean out the chimney pipe.

REASON #4 Thermostat is in stand-by mode.

  • Check to see if thermostat is set too low or if sun is shining directly on thermostat.

REASON #5 Thermostat wires are disconnected.

  • Re-install wires.

REASON #6 High limit switch may have been tripped.

  • Allow stove to cool. Increase convection blower setting.

REASON #7 Self-aligning bearings in auger motor may be misaligned.

  • Gently tap the auger motor.

REASON #8 Auger is Jammed

  • Unplug stove. Remove the rear inspection panel (freestanding model). Hold auger motor gearbox in both hands and rock it back and forth to release the auger. If this is unsuccessful, then contact your authorized Lennox Hearth Products dealer.

REASON #9 Auger Motor Setscrew is loose.

  •  Tighten setscrew.

REASON #10 Pressure switch is sensing back pressure in the vent system and shutting off the auger motor.

Remove left side panel (freestanding model) and locate the orange rubber hose that attaches the pressure switch to the exhaust blower. Disconnect the rubber hose from orifice on blower housing.

If the auger starts to feed, the pressure switch is sensing back pressure. After test, reconnect hose to blower (NEVER operate the appliance with hose removed). Clean venting system and exhaust flow passages as outlined in Routine Maintenance section of this manual. Note: Multiple elbows are more susceptible to collecting ash resulting in restriction.

5 – Blowers will not shut off after the fuel has been switched off and the stove has cooled down.

REASON #1 The low limit disc has failed in the closed position.

  • Replace the low limit disc.

6 – Blowers will not operate when the start button is depressed.

REASON #1 There is no power to the stove.

  • Check that the stove is plugged in to the wall outlet. Ensure that there is power to the outlet (test by plugging in a lamp into same outlet).

REASON #2 There is no power to the control board.

  • Check to see if your circuit breaker has tripped.
  • Check the wire connections on the high limit disc and control board.

7 – One or both blowers shut off for no apparent reason.

REASON #1 Both the room air blower and the exhaust blower have an over-heat protector (high limit disc) built into them. If the temperature of the blower motor exceeds the high limit temperature, then the motor shuts down.

  • Ensure the room air blower is adjusted to a setting at least as high as or higher than the fuel fee setting. If the blower motor continues to shut down, clean blower intake (see Routine Maintenance in your Pellet Stove Manual). If this does not correct the problem, replace the blower.

8 – Stove will not light.

REASON #1 The igniter element may have failed.

  • Check igniter element fuse in rear stove compartment. Call your authorized Lennox Hearth Products dealer. See alternate manual lighting procedure

REASON #2 There are not enough pellets in the UltraGrate.

  • Prime the feed system

REASON #3 Improper damper setting.

  • Adjust damper (see Manual)

9 – There is soot or fly ash in the house.

REASON #1 The window is being cleaned or ash pan removed when the stove is operating.

  • Turn down the Room Air Blower or turn off stove before cleaning to prevent dispersion of ash and soot into the room.

REASON #2 There is leakage at the joints between the Exhaust Blower connection or exhaust pipe connections. This will be evidenced by dust on the impeller of the Room Air Blower, and in the heat exchanger area.

  • Seal leaks in the exhaust system using high temperature RTV Silicone sealer (silicone should be at room temperature).

REASON #3 For a fireplace insert installation: if the existing fireplace opening was not thoroughly cleaned and painted before the insert was installed, then the Room Air Blower may be picking up the fireplace dust, soot or ash and blowing it into the house.

  • Pull insert away from fireplace opening. Thoroughly clean the fireplace firebox (recommend painting with latex or spray paint to hold down the finer particles. Wear a protective mask when painting in enclosed spaces).

REASON #4 The vacuum cleaner is leaking.

  • DO NOT use a standard household vacuum or “shop vac” as the filters will leak the fine particles of ash. Clean the stove with an approved ash vacuum ONLY.

10 – Blinking red lights on control board LED’s.

REASON #1 Thermostat circuit in not closed.

  • If a wall thermostat is not installed, a jumper is required between the 2 thermostat terminals (see page 12). If the jumper is missing contact your authorized Lennox Hearth Products dealer.
  • The wall thermostat (if used) is defective or there is a break in the connections or thermostat wire.

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How to Change Your Stove Glass Gasket

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Installing a Thermostat


NOTE: Always disconnect power before performing the thermostat installation

1/4” hex nutsetter & driver
small sized flat head screwdriver

Follow the thermostat manufacturer’s installation procedures

1. Unplug the stove’s power cord from the wall outlet
2. Remove the 6 x 1/4” hex screws from the slotted back access panel
3. Unscrew the control board from the side of the heater (2 x 1/4” hex screws)
4. Unplug the 9 pin wire harness from the back of the board
5. Install the thermostat module by plugging it into the 9 pin plug on the back of the control board
6. Locate the thermostat terminal block marked T’STAT INPUT, found on the back of the module
7. Be sure to run the thermostat wires through one of the slots of the rear access panel before
connecting the wires
8. Connect the 2 wires from your thermostat to the terminals on the module, 1 per terminal. Ensure
the wires are firmly connected
9. Connect the 2 wires at your wall thermostat to their terminals. Ensure the wires are firmly connected
10. Reinstall the 9 pin wire harness to the 9 pin plug now found on the thermostat module
11. Reinstall the control board and the slotted rear access panels
12. Plug in the stove and you are ready to operate with your thermostat